Kathleen Willey, the former volunteer aide to Bill Clinton is now sounding the alarm about the potential danger of Hillary Clinton becoming president.

kathleen vows to expose "a scandal a day" to keep you informed

about those who produce and cover-up "a lie a day".



 "Evidence forms the very foundation of any legal system, without which law would be subject to the whims of those with power."

That is from Wikipedia, but what do they know right?

I have been an Investigator since 1986, both DOJ and Private. As an Investigator I rely on finding evidence because that is what makes or breaks a case. I can safely say that any act leaves some sort of trace.

I believe many of you may have evidence of a crime, whether you know it or not and I also believe that many of you have been scared to tell anyone for fear of reprisal from what you deem as an unbreakable powerful force.

This evidence could be in the form of personal first hand knowledge, documents, vacation videos or tourist cell pictures, business CCTV security footage, letters, or even another "Blue Dress" hanging in a closet.

You have watched enough "CSI" to know that even the smallest piece of verifiable evidence can break a lie and send the Bad Guy to prison.

I was put in this same position over 20 years ago when I reported a murder cover-up. Yep, lost my job because of it, but I am still here and I know I did good for testifying and doing the right thing. Other agents who did not say anything, got promoted and transferred back to a nice cozy post in their hometowns.

If I was put in the same situation, today, 20 years later, I would still do it the same way, all over again.

Now, what are you going to do? Expose the crime or leave it hanging in the closet?

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